Temporal Escape at 326 Gallery Empowers the Feminine in Contemporary Art

Pivotal artists getting their due as creative geniuses who just happen to be women? Sign me up! Women take center stage as formidable contemporary tour-de-forces in the exhibit Temporal Escape, curated by Jenny Mushkin Goldman and Megan Green. Temporal Escape, which opens this Thursday, Aug. 9 at 6:30 pm at 326 Gallery (327 Seventh Ave, NYC), features a range of works by contemporary artists including Chellis Baird, Hannah Rose Dumes, Victoria Manganiello, Beatrice Modisett, Livia Mourao, Alexandra Seiler, Barbara Sinclair, Yana Ushakova, and Mie Yim. This survey of artists whose work (alternately acutely and obliquely) references strength in embracing feminine aspects inlaid in their practice that former generations of women artists were not always able to explore. This exhibit juxtaposes artists whose style in some ways overlaps while in other cases remain definitively separate in form and concept. 

Mie Yim “Bacchus, 2016


From the recent Brooklyn Museum exhibitions on women of color (Black Radical Women; Radical Women, Latin American Art) to the sweeping Denver Art Museum show Women of Abstract Expressionism, the current focus on rehabilitating the reputation of past generations of formative working artists – who happened to be women, and received exclusion from art history books for this fact – is empowering. Temporal Escape is the opportunity to continue this trend into our current moment: our temporal experience. By placing the emphasis on elevating women artists working today in multiple genres, this survey allows access to strong emerging contemporary voices in the arts. From Baird’s evocative woven paintings to Manganiello’s abstract woven artworks, weaving and fabric arts are masterfully represented in Temporal Escape.  Ushakova and Dumes, meanwhile, apply a cheeky mixture of allusions to the female body mixed with abstraction. This insightful mixture of forms and compositions is present throughout the exhibit, with textures and colors combining in surprising and clever juxtapositions.

Sensation and emotion vibrate from the canvas in works by Yim and Mourao, whose abstractions take on a living pulse. Sinuous curves seem to permeate the air around the picture plane, particular throughout Yim’s masterful color combinations. Seiler’s deft attention to color also emerges in works present in the exhibition, while Modisett’s more muted tones create a moody, introspective escape. Finally, Sinclair’s undeniably energetic combinations of line, text and color resonate with vibrancy. From Pop Art to collage to abstraction, there is something for every art lover at Temporal Escape.  

work by Livia Mourao


Temporal Escape opens Thursday, August 9 from 6:30-8:30 pm at 326 Gallery (326 Seventh Avenue) in Manhattan. The exhibition is on view through Sept 13, 2018, don’t miss your chance to view these pivotal artists’ work in conversation!

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