Soft Power Takes Over Satellite Art Show in Miami

Power, like beauty, can lie in the eye of the beholder, so be prepared: SOFT POWER at Satellite Art Show is overwhelming to behold.

Taking place in Miami during Miami Art Week (Dec 6-9) at Satellite Art Show, at 18 NW 14th Street in Wynwood – just a stone’s throw from NADA –  SOFT POWER marks a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors. Satellite guests can encounter the transcendental sensation of two distinct site-specific installations by the art world’s brightest stars: Brooklyn-based artist Julia Sinelnikova and the Vancouver-based artist Zandi Dandizette. Featuring the intricate iridescence of Sinelnikova’s intriguing sculptures paired with the absurdist creations of Vancouver-based artist Zandi Dandizette, SOFT POWER exalts the queer aesthetic through the lens of amorphic creations referencing meme culture and Disney nostalgia.

Hypnotizing Crystal Forest installation by Julia Sinelnikova


Re-orienting the stunning brilliance of the queer experience to disorient the visitor in a dizzying array of forms and fields, Sinelnikova and Dandizette employ the concept of soft power to tantalizing effect. New sensorial surprises await the visitor at every twist and turn of the installation, with multimedia installations, soft sculpture, performances and more providing an unforgettable encounter with an artistic probe into the ultimate spiritual, nonbinary source: the origin of the creative spirit. Fostering a sense of intimacy, wonder and transcendence, Sinelnikova and Dandizette each realize independent exhibits in harmony within a 40-ft container space, bringing to bear the deep and lasting impression soft power can manifest.

Precipice by Zandi Dandizette

Formal elements of the exhibit transcend the physical by referencing aspects of rebirth and transformation, such as the cocoon and the cave. Both Sinelnikova and Dandizette, queer artists working within a conceptual approach, have created these site-specific art installations for Satellite Art Show as a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a transformative art experience. Keep your eyes peeled for Cornelia Singer performing as a living doll on Dec. 6th & 7th at 7pm. Make no mistake – you’ll never encounter an immersive experience quite like SOFT POWER again, so don’t miss your only chance to interact with these works at Satellite.

Detail of “Open Shard” installation by Julia Sinelnikova in Joshua Tree, CA (March 2018)
Cradleworm (2018) Zandi Dandizette
Julia Sinelnikova
Zandi Dandizette

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