A Space for Oddities at Contra Gallery: David Henry Nobody Jr Opens Jan 31st

There’s room for every oddity and eccentricity imaginable at David Henry Nobody Jr’s upcoming exhibit, Fake Smears and Facial Food Fiascos, opens at Contra Gallery (122 W 26th Fl 6) in Chelsea, NYC on Jan 31st from 6-8 pm. David Henry Nobody Jr will present an irreverent and (slightly) grotesque portrait series melding the stylings of Flemish food art from the Dutch Golden Age of Painting with Contemporary Pop Photography. These “Resemblages” will blend the artist’s features with a fantastic array of produce and processed foods.

works on view as part of “Fake Smears and Facial Food Fiascos” at Contra Gallery (courtesy the artist)


Featuring an evening of live interactive performance by the infamous artist, Fake Smears and Facial Food Fiascos builds on a career the artist has sustained via his prominent artistic antics, including impersonating socialite Alex von Furstenberg. Creating sensational art in the vein of Andy Warhol’s Factory antics and Dada performance and surrealism, David Henry Nobody Jr slyly pokes fun at the highbrow views of the fine art establishment.


works on view as part of “Fake Smears and Facial Food Fiascos” at Contra Gallery (courtesy the artist)

An internationally renowned artist and provocateur, David Henry Nobody Jr. is based in New York City. His creative “actions” and objects include the “Human Weeble Wobble”, and in Nobody Jr. predicted the Trump presidency in his 1999 “Stalking Trump” series in which he tried to meet Donald Trump as many times as possible in one year. David is a founding member of the Fantastic Nobodies, a renegade/outsider/performance art collective, which was a collaboration of five artists from the years 2003-2013. The Nobodies have shown at Andrew Edlin Gallery and at WhiteBox gallery. David Henry Nobody Jr.’s work has been featured on the BBC, VICE, The Creators Project, Insider, Observer, and Whitehot Magazine.Fake Smears and Facial Food Fiascos is on view at Contra Gallery, 122 W 26th St Floor 6 from Thursday, Jan 31 – Feb 15, 2019.

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